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    • Effective Megapixels

      Effective Megapixels

      Refine your choice by effective megapixels, the number of pixels used by the camera’s sensor to create the image: more megapixels mean higher image resolution.

    • Features


      Choose features for how you like to shoot. Automatically sync photos to a smart device with SnapBridge for easy sharing or use built-in Wi-Fi® to post images. Manual Controls (P/S/A/M) let you get creative with exposure.

    • Maximum ISO Sensitivity

      Maximum ISO Sensitivity

      Select by ISO, an international standard for an imaging sensor’s sensitivity to light: the higher the ISO capability, the greater capacity your camera will have to capture crisp and clear images in low light.

    • Lens Type

      Lens Type

      Match your lens to suit your shooting style. Do you need an Ultra Wide Angle lens for a wide field of view? Or would you prefer a Fast Zoom lens to bring distant subjects closer and allow for faster shutter speeds?

    • Monitor


      Your monitor can help you frame images more creatively or make operation easier. A Tilt-screen lets you shoot in tight spaces with a fresh viewpoint. A Touch-screen lets you operate your camera directly on the monitor.

    • Video


      Shoot state-of-the-art 4K Ultra High Definition movies to enjoy stunningly high-resolution footage that replays with exceptional clarity even on large screens. 4K UHD offers four times the resolution of Full HD.

    • Shooting Speed

      Shooting Speed

      Select a frames per second rate to match the type of shooting you do: with a fast shooting speed you can take continuous shots of rapidly-moving action or capture swiftly-changing facial expressions.

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